I am seeking representation for these three novels.

Twilight Patrol

The year is 1917. War rages in Europe and beyond. Far, far, beyond.

Harry Tregeseal is a new pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. For Harry the roar of his biplane's engine, the thrilling rush of speed, and the beauty of the open skies make flying glorious. But after his first combat he's heartsick, feeling more a murderer than a soldier. He'd give anything to avoid having to kill again, but that isn't a choice he can make, not serving at the western front.

When Harry is assigned to a squadron serving in a magical otherworld he thinks his prayers have been answered. But war is still hell, even in Faerie. Under a black poisonous overcast an army of enthralled slaves marches on Harry's airfield. The squadron's machine guns are ready to fire, but Harry can't stand the thought of more innocent blood on his hands. Yet if the squadron is overrun, millions will die.

Twilight Patrol is a historical fantasy complete at 125,000 words, the first volume of a proposed duology. 

Shattered Shell

It's the end of the Age of Kali and our world is dying, its bounds shrunk to encompass a single city. In the Earth's final days lonely young Jae-Ho Park finds his first love in the arms of his neighbor Michèle. Together with six other survivors they break through the eggshell-thin walls of the world to find a mythical land where the ultimate power of creation reposes. Washed ashore from an ocean of milk Jae and the other survivors confront personages out of legend: Ananta Sesha, the lord of all Nagas; Varuna, whose eyes are the stars; Indra, king of the devas; and the great being who calls himself Vishnu the Preserver.

Shattered Shell is a philosophical adventure with romantic elements, complete at 90,000 words. It transitions by stages from a fully realistic basis through magical realism in an urban fantasy setting to trans-apocalyptic psychedelic fantasy.

Evolutionary Intelligence Enkidu

It's 2042. Shy, clumsy, neuroatypical Rudy Jiménez wants nothing more than to fly. But as a recipient of Guaranteed Basic Income, it's no more than a distant dream. When he's forcibly inducted into the USAF as a lieutenant and assigned to a secret base in Nevada, the dream seems to come true. But then he's thrust into a secret war, an alien invasion, and a relationship with Enkidu, the world's first self-aware scramjet fighter. All is not as it seems, and together Rudy and Enkidu have more to face than aerial threats. Humanity's relationship with a larger universe is at stake.

Evolutionary Intelligence Enkidu is a work in progress, currently at 85,000 words, targeting 120,000. This novel is a near-future, military aviation, alien invasion, AI romance that mixes aerial adventure and a love story between man and machine.