Short Stories

Collecting Ghosts (June, 2019): Collaboration with Rachael K. Jones. Read at Daily Science Fiction.

The Gaia Hypothesis (May, 2019): Listen to the Centropic Oracle Podcast.

Happy to Be of Service (March, 2019): Read at Twenty-Two Twenty-Eight or listen to the Manawaker Studio Flash Podcast.

New Hire at the Final Library (March, 2019): Read at Zooscape.

Cold Memories (January, 2019): Read at Nature Magazine.

One Little House (January, 2019): Purchase the issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk.

The Freighter (December, 2018): Read or listen at Liar’s League NYC.

Clashing Blades (December, 2018): Read in Swords & Sorcery.

Not the Brightest of Timelines (December, 2018): Purchase the Unrealpolitik anthology.

An Infinite Series of Primes (September, 2018): Read at Apparition Lit.

The Violet Hour (May, 2018): Buy the Galaxy's Edge kindle edition at Amazon.

I Awaken From a Dream of Flight (February, 2018): Purchase the Mind Candy anthology.

Drawing Dead (August, 2017): Read at The Sockdolager.

Thirteen Bullets (August, 2017): Listen or read at PodCastle.

Strange Stars (June, 2017): Buy the Cat's Breakfast anthology.

Shadow Stalker (May, 2017): Subscribe to Aquila Magazine.

From Out a Full-Orbed Moon (March, 2017): Buy from the Zoetic Press.

between two voices talking (December, 2016): Read at Nature Magazine.

Dragonfly Tea (October, 2016): Download from the New Haven Review (issue #18).

Down Stepped Proud Galatea With a Sigh (July, 2016). Read at Spirits' Tincture.

Houseproud (March, 2016): Buy the City of the Future anthology. Read the story here.

The Temple of Thirteen Pleasures (October, 2015): Read at The Sockdolager. Listen at Far-Fetched Fables.

Innumerate (July, 2015): Read at Daily Science Fiction. Listen at Far-Fetched Fables.

Panoptes (April, 2015): Read at The Sockdolager.