2017 Accomplishments

A reasonably productive year for me. Five stories published:

From Out a Full Orbed Moon (The NonBinary Review)

Shadow Stalker (Aquila Magazine)

Strange Stars (Third Flatiron's Cat's Breakfast anthology)

Drawing Dead (The Sockdolager)

Thirteen Bullets (PodCastle)

Of these, I'm most fond of Thirteen Bullets, a weird-west/vodoun mashup you can read or listen to at PodCastle. It's also up on the SFWA reading list for the Nebulas.

Other writing-related accomplishments:

  • My 2016 story Houseproud was selected as an "Intelligence in Fiction" award winner by the Berkeley Machine Intelligence Research Institute. You can read it here on my website.
  • I completed a novel, Evolutionary Intelligence Enkidu, currently being queried for agent representation. This is a near-future, military aviation, alien invasion, AI romance. Inspired by Naomi Novik's great Temeraire series and by Chōhei Kambayashi's Battle Fairy Yukikaze novel (and anime series).