Thirteen Bullets at Podcastle

I'm delighted by the reading of my story Thirteen Bullets up at Podcastle. Austin Malone did an excellent job of narration.

For those who might be wondering, I did my best to capture the attributes and temperaments of Maman Brigitte and the Guédé Barons presented in the story based on research into Vodoun, though I am not a devotee myself. Two features are wholly invented, though: first of all, there is no legend of thirteen bullets being a sovereign against Baron Samedi that I'm aware of, and secondly I don't believe that he is generally associated with the element of fire. The first element was included to fulfill a writing prompt that demanded thirteen of something appear in the story, and the second was to provide an Oz-like bridge between the spirit world of Cimetière and the real-world town of Tombstone.