2018 Sale and Publication Recap

Cold Memories (forthcoming): Read online in Nature Magazine.

Happy to be of Service (forthcoming): Listen to the Manawaker Studio podcast.

Not the Brightest of Timelines (forthcoming): Buy the Unrealpolitik anthology.

The Gaea Hypothesis (forthcoming): Listen to the Centropic Oracle reading on YouTube.

The Freighter (December 2018): Listen to the reading at Liars’ League NYC

An Infinite Series of Primes (September, 2018): Read at Apparition Lit.

The Violet Hour (May, 2018): Buy the Galaxy's Edge kindle edition at Amazon.

I Awaken From a Dream of Flight (February, 2018): Purchase the Mind Candy anthology.

This doesn’t count two drabbles (at The Drabble) and several haiku at the Asahi Shimbun.

Of the three stories published so far this year, I’m fondest of I Awaken From a Dream of Flight, the story of an AI pilot on virtual compassionate leave. The “forthcoming” items should be out in 2019.