Worldcon in Dublin

I’ll be in Dublin from August 15th through the 19th. I hope to see a lot of colleagues and friends there!

This is my panel schedule:

Why is it always raining in Gotham? Noir themes in SF

16 Aug 2019, Friday 21:00 - 21:50, Wicklow Hall 2B (CCD)

Noir tropes are hugely popular in science fictional settings, such as China Miéville’s The City and the City, or William Gibson’s Neuromancer. In what ways are noir tropes adapted or subverted within the genre? Is there a difference in the ways SF books, comics, and movies use elements of noir? The panel will discuss the uses of noir across SF genres and formats.

Space opera is for robots; soap opera is for people

17 Aug 2019, Saturday 10:00 - 10:50, Liffey Hall-2 (CCD)

Will humans ever live long-term in space, or is it easier to let our ‘mind children’ go to the stars, whether as uploaded minds or independent intelligences? If humans (or AI) leave for space, would we miss them?

I’ll also be staffing the SFWA desk from time to time as a volunteer. I’ll have postcard handouts for my upcoming novel Twilight Patrol and my novella The Demons of Wall Street, too!